The Hillcrest Pathway


Here at Hillcrest, our goal is simple: We want every person to KNOW GOD, FIND COMMUNITY, MAKE DISCIPLES, and CHANGE THE WORLD.

You may wonder what that looks like for you in a practical sense, so we put our goal into action in what we call “The Hillcrest Pathway.

As a member of Hillcrest, we want you to be involved in 4 specific areas of our church:

  1. We want you to come to know God more in a weekly worship service where the Bible is taught.
  2. We want you to find community in weekly Small Group Gatherings as you navigate life with others, guided by God’s Word.
  3. We want God’s Word to take root in you and spread to others as you make disciples in a yearly D-Group of 3-5 men or women.
  4. We want you to join God’s work to change the world through missions, evangelism, and serving.

Where are you on The Discipleship Pathway? It’s time to take your next step!

KNOW GOD through weekly worship and teaching

Hillcrest is a church that loves to worship together. Whether its Sunday, Wednesday nights, or special events throughout the year, we strive to provide powerful environments and experiences that allow you to come to Christ in worship.

Attending one of our worship services is a great way to check out the church for the first time, and is the first step on the Discipleship Pathway. Make plans to join us this week!

FIND COMMUNITY in weekly Small Group gatherings

At Hillcrest, we believe spiritual growth is important. For that reason, we challenge every person to do life together with other believers in a small group. A small group is an environment of biblical community where people can feel welcome, accepted and encounter Christ and His Word. Our groups spend time in God’s Word navigating life together. Groups meet in various locations all around our campus. Join a group today!

Email to get started!

MAKE DISCIPLES in yearly D-Groups of 3-5 men or women

Discipleship is important at Hillcrest; it’s an important process for every believer that provides intimate friendships, an environment of accountability, and most importantly, it cultivates a life rooted deeply in God’s Word.

The third step in the Hillcrest Pathway is to participate in a yearly Discipleship Group, or a “D-Group.” A D-Group is a gender specific, closed group of 3-5 believers who meet together weekly for the purpose of accelerated spiritual transformation. A person joins the D-Group by invitation only, with most D-Groups being formed out of relationships in a Small Group.

Are you ready to go deeper in your walk with Christ? Email to begin your discipleship journey.

CHANGE THE WORLD through missions, ministry and evangelism

The final step of the Hillcrest Pathway is to join God in His work to change the world through missions, evangelism, and serving.

Our Hillcrest Missions ministry exists to equip and send the body of Christ to multiply disciples, reach the lost, serve the hurting, plant churches, and join God wherever He’s at work. From local opportunities to mission trips here and across the globe, you’ll find dozens of opportunities to follow God where He’s leading you.

There are also countless opportunities to change lives within Hillcrest by using your time and talents to volunteer in the church! Whatever your area of giftedness, find a place to serve today.

Email to change the world today!