What are the requirements to be a volunteer? You must register and submit to a criminal background check and attend training on January 27, 2019 at 1:30 pm.

Is there a fee?  We ask for each volunteer to pay the $10 background check fee.

What if I just had a background check ran for employment etc.? You will have to have another one because you will have to give Hillcrest Baptist Church permission to run the background check.

What is the age requirement? 16 and up

If a volunteer is under the age of 18? They MUST bring a notarized permission form to the training on January 27, 2019. A permission form will be emailed to the parent’s email address.

What is the deadline? January 1, 2019 or when we reach 450 volunteers.

What should I wear? NO JEANS! We ask that everyone dress in church attire. You are welcome to wear prom attire but remember ladies to dress appropriately. If you are a buddy, remember you will be dancing, getting into a limo, singing in karaoke etc. If it’s inappropriate to wear to Church then it’s probably inappropriate to wear to Night to Shine.

What time will the volunteers arrive? All volunteers must be present by 4:30 pm unless their area is registration and they must be present by 4:00 pm. NO EXCEPTIONS! You need to make sure that you will be able to arrive at the designated time before you register. Don’t call the week of and say I can’t be there until …. We realize there are emergencies which arise.

What if the volunteer has an emergency or gets sick and will be unable to attend? You will need to email michelle@hillcrestministries.com and call your team leader immediately.

Where should the volunteers park? All volunteers are asked to park in the lower back parking lot unless they are a buddy to the participant that is riding with them. If so, they are asked to get in the line at the back of the church and valet their car when they get to the front of the church. The buddy and the participant riding together will enter together.

Will the volunteers be able to eat at the prom? The buddies will eat banquet style with the participant. All other volunteers will eat in the fellowship hall at the time the team leader gives out.

What does it mean to be a buddy? A buddy will be paired with each participant. They will stay with the participant throughout the event until they get into the car to leave.

What if the volunteer is a buddy and the participant has a phone or camera? Please take pictures for them.

What if the volunteer doesn’t feel comfortable to be a buddy but would like to help? We have many areas of service where help is needed.

When will the volunteers find out where they will serve during the events? At training. Most everyone will have more than one area of service. There are many volunteers needed when the prom begins that will be given another area for later in the night.

What if the volunteer would like to serve in another area or with their BFF? Please remember that this night is about the PARTICIPANT. The volunteers are here to serve them.

Can the volunteer bring someone with them the night of the event? No, all volunteers are required to register and submit to a criminal background check.

Can volunteers take photographs on their phone and post them on social media? Instructions will be given at training.

Which door will the volunteer enter the night of the prom? All volunteers must enter through the fellowship hall and sign in with registration unless they are riding with a participant. If you are a buddy and the participant is in your car, you will register in the front foyer of the church when you enter.

Can volunteers be on their cell phone? ABSOLUTELY NO! You are here to serve the special needs community. Please be attentive to their needs. This night is all about showing them God’s love.

What time will the volunteers be allowed to leave? The prom is over at 10 pm. We need volunteers to help take down the event.