What is the cost? The cost is FREE

What is the age requirement? For any individual with special needs age 14 and up.

What if a participant needs a dress? Our HALOS Ministry at Hillcrest will have “SAY YES TO THE DRESS” on Friday, January 4, 2019 from 1 – 5 pm. We have many formal dresses for them to borrow for the event.

What if a male participant needs pants, etc.? Call the church office 662.534-4821 ext. 201.

What is a buddy? A buddy is someone who stays with the participant the entire night. They will be with the participant from the time they arrive until the time they get in the car to go home.

What if a participant wants to bring their own buddy? A Buddy must register as a volunteer and submit to a criminal background check. SEE VOLUNTEER Q & A. All volunteer rules apply.

What if a participant wants a volunteer to be their buddy? They can make that request when they register.

What if a participant’s parent/care giver wants to volunteer other than to be a buddy? They are welcome to register as a volunteer and submit to a criminal background check.

What if the parent/care giver would like to stay in the Family Room and watch via live stream? Please list this on the participant’s registration form.

What is the dress code? You may dress as fancy or as casual as you want. Prom attire is welcomed!

Will the participant eat at the prom? Yes, there will be a banquet style dinner with their buddy.

What if the participant has dietary issues? Please list those on the registration form. If they can only have pureed or liquids only, please send those with the participant.

What if a participant uses a certain cup to drink? Please send it with them to the prom.

Where should the participant be dropped off? The line will form from the back of the church around to the front. Drop off will be in the front of the church.

What if the participant and the buddy are riding together? You will get in the line at the back of the church. Drop off will be in the front of the church where the buddy’s car will be valeted. The participant and the buddy riding together will enter the prom together.

What if the parent/caregiver stays in the Family Room? You may also have your car valeted. You will not have to submit to a criminal background check

What if I’m concerned that the participant will have a seizure or health issue while at the prom? You can be assured because we will have Nurses, CNP, EMT, and Doctors at the event.

Where will the parent/caregiver return at 10 pm to pick up the participant? You will get in the line just like drop off and drive around to the front of the church with their name card displayed in your front window. The participant will be brought out to the car.

What if there is inclement weather such as snow or frozen participation on the roads? We will move the prom to following night without hazardous road conditions.

What if the participant gets sick or decides they will not be able to attend? Please call church office immediately because there may be a waiting list.

Can the participant bring a camera or a phone to take pictures? Absolutely